Partner with us for your digital marketing needs. We provide a variety of services for large brands, small businesses, and social media users. Whether you need a brief consultation or a large-scale campaign, Ella Media can help.

Our services include:

  • Online Projects
    • Twitter parties – These prescheduled Twitter chats can provide your brand or company with visibility to many at one time. The Hispanic community has a strong presence on Twitter and buzz spreads easily amongst its users.
    • Advertising opportunities – A high number of Latinas own blogs or websites that offer various opportunities for advertising. Display your ad in a variety of niche communities to reach your target audience.
    • Blog tours – Many blog owners provide online product reviews, host contests, and create personalized content to coincide with your brand’s message.
  • Off-line Events – Take your brand’s message offline and expand the reach of the Ella Media Network by connecting with their community of friends and family. Events can include hosted in-home parties or local community events.
  • Consultations – Let us provide insight on a variety of initiatives, such as your next campaign, your brand’s online presence, or information on connecting with the Latino community.
  • Research with Latinas – By tapping into our steadily growing network of social media users, you can gain valuable insight into the life and habits of this demographic. We can work with you on conducting surveys and focus groups – online or off.
  • Customized Campaigns and Packages – Have an idea or specific need not already mentioned? Ella Media can, of course, custom tailor your campaign to meet your needs.
  • Web or blog design and development – Your online presence is important. With over 10 years experience in building websites and an in-house graphic designer, Ella Media can design and develop your blog, website, or other digital marketing needs.
  • SEO guidance and implementation – Creating an online presence is not enough. Your presence needs to be known and search engine optimization is one of the best ways to bring your audience to your online content. We can provide advice for optimizing your site, recommend tools, or do it all by implementing various SEO techniques.
  • Virtual training – Not your average phone consultation or web training. Using virtual tools, Ella Media can provide custom training on a variety of topics. We offer interactive guidance for your social media questions, the various tools of the trade, and provide you with tips for implementing your social media strategy.

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